Sports Awards Evening


Last Thursday we were very lucky to have another Team GB Gold Medalist & Olympic Champion come and visit our school. This year it was the amazing Amy Williams, MBE who is also an ambassador for Team Superschools and she kindly helped to run a sporting programme with our students.

Our emphasis was to demonstrate what you can achieve, be that big or small, when you think positively; believe in yourself; have great support around you; and just try and give it a go! 

Amy was able to share her own personal story of how she became the Olympic Champion in Women’s Skeleton – a sport for which this country at the time did not have any training facility, nor course to practice on. Determination and ingenuity were skills that Amy had to use to ensure her success and winning time.

Even now she is still drawing on these skills to reach other goals and overcome challenges, such as an intrigue in motor racing, becoming a parent and a desire to share her experiences with a younger generation to teach them the possibilities that are available for them to reach. 

From speaking to all our year groups in assemblies, to personally meeting years 7 & 8 for a photograph, and then cheering them all on in a high intensity, fun exercise circuit, Amy gave the students her time and focus. She also gave a tailored masterclass to our Gifted & Talented cohort to explain what is needed to pursue a sporting career.


Our years 7 & 8 did a fantastic job in raising sponsorship funds for their Team Superschools participation and we are pleased to announce that our current total stands at approximately £1,700.00! If you are still to contribute then please hand your donations to the school Finance Office. These funds will be going towards sporting equipment for our students to use and enjoy. 

After school finished Amy hosted our annual Sports Awards Evening. Well done once again to all of our students who were nominated and those who were presented with trophies by Amy! A huge thank you to those students who represent the school in sports and continue to give 100% in their sporting efforts.

The importance of PE and sport in school and how this translates to your life as you grow up was perfectly described in the words of our Sports Prefects, Chris Johnston & Kayla Vine at the end of the evening:

“In sport here at Winston we believe these following 5 competencies are crucial to be successful:

The first is COLLABORATION. Many people don’t realise how large a part teamwork plays in not just team sports but, individual sports as well. Playing sport at Winston allows people to improve their collaboration, by working with a variety of people of all ages in order to achieve one main goal. RESILIENCE is also key, due to the inevitable lows that will come with taking part in sport. Using this resilience as well as ANALYSIS, allows you to improve yourself as an athlete, as you can look at these low times and through this work out how to push through and improve. In addition, sport develops your INGENUITY, as it encourages you to think outside the box. The opportunities provided by the PE department has given everyone freedom to try new ideas, and therefore helped improve this competency and skill. And finally COMMUNICATION. In the outside world, good communication is a highly valued skill. Through sport, this key competency is practiced, developed and improved and overall this helps you to become a more well-rounded person, therefore putting you in a better position for the future ahead.”


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